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Discovery and Learning

Academics at Clover Community School

Clover Community School is committed to creating a unique learning environment where the students are inspired to be creative thinkers and curious learners through nature-inspired lessons and activities. We emphasize academics, while incorporating real-world experiences and social skills training to support students in all areas of development. Our 8:1 ratios, small class sizes, and flexible groupings allow Clover Community School to offer an intimate and inclusive educational environment, while also ensuring each student receives the individualized, student centered attention and support they need. 

English Language Arts

At Clover Community School, we believe that every student should be given access to reading instruction.  Students will participate in 90 minutes of ELA instruction in both small group and whole group settings. Instruction is guided by the students' individual goals while exposing them to different literary themes and activities.



Nature-based science is the heart of our program here at Clover Community School. Our experiential science program is designed to include all aspects of nature on our campus while helping the students understand the natural world through Physical Science, Life Science, Environmental Science, and Astronomy. 


Community Based Instruction

Being a contributing member of our community is an important life skill that we value at Clover Community School. The students participate in daily chores around the property from feeding the animals to unloading the dishwasher. Students also participate in Community Based Instruction where they are provided with hands-on learning opportunities, out in the community, to help students gain the individualized skills needed in their natural environment. 



Math is a cornerstone for independent community skills and we make it a priority at Clover Community School to incorporate math into our many activities on the farm.  In addition to “farm math” the students participate in 60 minutes of math during small group instruction.  Our math program is broken into 3 different paths; life skills math, standard-based math, and online classes. Instruction is based on the students’ individual goals while exposing them to a variety of math topics and ideas.


Social Studies

Curiosity is the foundation for gaining an appreciation for the world around us.  During our Social Studies units, the students are encouraged to ask questions and explore different perspectives as they learn about World Geography, World History, U.S. History, and Arkansas History. 



Our Enrichment Programs consist of: Mind /Body exercises, Gardening, Cooking, and Physical Education.  We endeavor to provide further enrichment on a variety of topics through guest speakers and off campus events.

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