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Thursday April 6, 2023

Bloom & Grow with Us in 2023. Funds raised will support the growth of Clover Community School!

Will you Bloom & Grow with us by donating today? 


Clover Community School is rounding the end of our 5th year. WOW! We project to grow in the coming years and we need your help. 

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Ways to Support Us

  • Donate: financial contributions

  • In-Kind Donations: gravel for our driveway, garden supplies, animal feed and supplies, etc.

  • Expertise: pro bono legal, business, financial

  • Fundraising: organize a fundraiser on our behalf

  • Grant Writing Assistance

  • Volunteer Help on the Farm: mow, weed, etc.

  • Volunteer Help in the Classroom

  • Share Our Story!

  • Follow us on Social Media (see below):

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